Smart sensor/transmitter with readout

Smart sensor/transmitter with readout
Производитель: RKI Instruments
Модель: GD-K77TD
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  • LED digital display
  • Sensor information and calibration is stored within sensor memory
  • Several data transmission options available
  • Zero suppression and correction
  • Housing design for narrow wall mounting locations
  • Self-diagnostic functions by microprocessor
  • Electrochemical sensors for most semiconductor gases
  • Built-in sampling pump
  • Easy replacement of pump and sensor
  • Two alarm levels with relays, plus trouble alarm
  • 24VDC operation
  • Optional NEMA 4X housing available
  • Semiconductor
  • Chemical Processing
  • Laboratory
  • Manufacturing
  • HVAC

The GD-K77D is a complete sample drawing gas monitor, including digital readout and alarm relays. A new gas sensor technology using an intelligent sensor for remote location calibration and setup is used. The new GD-K77D sensors are designed to provide a longer time period between calibrations. Calibration intervals have been cut in half to12 months of on-line service which equates to reduced maintenance cost. In addition, the sensors can be calibrated away from the gas detector installation, for example in a service area or offsite. This eliminates the inconvenience of having calibration gases in the fab or monitoring location. GD-K77D easily connects to an existing PLC system and is ideal for applications needing a local readout or where a relay control is needed.

Model GD-K8A
Detection principle Electrochemical cell
Detection method Sample drawing type
Signal transmission Analog transmission (4-20 mA) Two wire digital transmission
Display Digital LED display of gas concentration, 4 digits
Gas alarms Two alarm levels: 1st alarm (Yellow LED), 2nd alarm (Red LED)
Dry outputs for remote alarms Dry contact relay for 1st, 2nd, and trouble alarms (Normally Open or Normally Closed)
Alarm response time Approximately 10 - 15 seconds when exposed to gas concentration of 1.6 times alarm level for most gases (Same as T60)
Self diagnosistic function Trouble, low flow, system failure, communication error
Operation temp. & humidity 0 ~ 40°C, 30 ~ 85% RH
Applicable cable Shielded cable 3C, 1.25 sq (18 gauge)
Shielded twisted one pair cable, 1.25 sq (18 gauge)
Enclosure Wall mounting
Power 24 VDC
Dimensions 2.8” (W) x 6.7” (H) x 6.0” (D), approximately 4.4 lbs
70 mm (W) x 170 mm (H) x 153 mm (D), approximately 2 kg
Partial List Of Detectable Gases
Many other gases or ranges available. Contact RKI for gases or ranges not listed
Ammonia (NH3) 0 - 75.0 ppm
Arsine (AsH3 ) 0 - 0.20 ppm
Arsine (AsH3 ) 0 - 15.0 ppm
Arsine (AsH3 ) 0 - 300 ppm
Chlorine (Cl2) 0 - 3.0 ppm
Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2) 0 - 1.00 ppm
Chlorine Trifluoride (ClF3) 0 - 1.00 ppm
Diborane (B2H6) 0 - 30.0 ppm
Fluorine (F2) 0 - 6.0 ppm
Hydrogen Chloride (HCl) 0 - 15.0 ppm
Hydrogen Fluoride (HF) 0 - 9.0 ppm
Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) 0 -100 ppm
Nitric Oxide (NO) 0 -100 ppm
Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) 0 - 15.0 ppm
Oxygen (O2) 0 - 25.0 %
Ozone (O3) 0 - 1.0 ppm
Phosphine (PH3) 0 - 1.0 ppm
Silane (SiH4) 0 - 15.0 ppm
Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) 0 - 30.0 ppm